Who we are?

JobLink International is an international recruitment agency that offers both candidates and employers unparalleled access to the job and candidate markets. This network, together with an international team of the expert recruitment team, has contributed to JobLink’s reputation as a market-leading supplier of personnel around the globe.

JobLink International is a recruitment agency that specialises in matching job seekers with job openings in various industries and locations worldwide. The agency works with employers and job seekers to facilitate hiring and job placement.

JobLink International has nine offices in Subcontinents Countries, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

What we do?

We take a sequential approach to assist your organisation by providing for your staffing needs from end to end. We recognise that an organisation is only as good as its front-line employees.
We are experts at finding the highly accomplished staff you deserve in your organisation, having an extensive talent pool from our local candidate database and our international division. Our specialists are authorities on being able to source talent from various industry sectors.
At JobLink International, we primarily focus on providing comprehensive people resource solutions to our clients in a partnership approach. We have access to both local and global networks of candidates to provide a seamless solution for your staffing requirements.
Our services include job search assistance, career counselling, interview coaching, and job placement services. The agency's recruiters work closely with job seekers to understand their career goals and objectives, as well as their skills and experience, to match them with suitable job openings.
In addition to its job placement services, JobLink International also provides staffing solutions to employers seeking temporary or permanent employees. The agency's recruiters conduct candidate screening and selection, background checks, and reference checks to ensure that the candidates presented to employers meet their job requirements.
JobLink International offers support and guidance for our employers to become approved temporary sponsors with the help of our recommended registered migration specialist. Our registered migration specialist partner is also available to assist our employers in applying for their nomination application and offer end-to-end immigration services.

Why us?

JobLink International provides comprehensive people solutions to its candidates and employers in a partnership approach to sharing risk and business goals. We have access to a global network of candidates and employers to provide a seamless solution for your staffing requirements.

Why should employers engage with us?

Employers may choose to use us as their recruitment agency for several reasons:

Access to global talent

We have a vast network of candidates across different countries and regions, allowing employers to tap into a diverse talent pool. This is particularly important for companies operating in Australia, globally, or in other countries.

Local knowledge

We have local knowledge of different regions and countries, which can help employers understand the local job market, employment laws, and cultural norms. This can help employers to make informed hiring decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.

Expertise in international recruitment

We have experience and expertise in sourcing and hiring candidates from different cultures and countries. They can help employers navigate the complexities of international recruitment, such as visa and work permit requirements, language barriers, and cultural differences. We can also help employers find better-suited candidates for their roles.


We can save employers time by handling the entire recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to conducting initial interviews and negotiating job offers. This is particularly important for companies that need a dedicated HR team or have limited resources.


We can help employers save by providing a cost-effective recruitment solution. We can offer competitive pricing and help employers avoid costly mistakes, such as hiring the wrong candidate or failing to comply with local immigration and employment laws.

Why should Job seekers choose us?

Job seekers may choose to use us for their potential employment in Australia for several reasons:

Access to global job opportunities

We have a vast network of employers across Australian states and regions, allowing job seekers to tap into diverse job opportunities. This is particularly important for job seekers looking to work for Australian companies.

Expertise in international job search

We have experience helping job seekers navigate the complexities of Australian job search, such as visa and work permit requirements, language barriers, and cultural differences. We can provide guidance and support throughout the entire job search process.

Local knowledge

We have local knowledge of job markets and employment and visa laws, which can help job seekers understand the local job market and tailor their job search accordingly. This can help job seekers make informed career decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.


We can save job seekers time by matching Job Seekers (Candidates) with job opportunities best suited to their skills, qualifications, and experience. We can also handle the job and visa application process, from submitting applications to scheduling interviews and negotiating job offers.

Career development

We can provide job seekers with career development plans and support, such as coaching, upskilling and training opportunities. This can help job seekers to enhance their skills and increase their chances of securing their desired job in Australia.

Visa services

We offer visa related services to help job seekers navigate the complex process of obtaining the necessary documentation to work in Australia. Our team provides comprehensive support and guidance, helping you meet the immigration requirements and complete your visa application successfully. With our assistance, you can focus on finding the right job and achieving your career goals, knowing that we're here to help you every step of the way.

Overall, using us can be an effective way for job seekers to access Australian job opportunities, receive expert guidance and support, save time in their job search, and enhance their career development prospects.

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