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JobLink International Internships

JobLink International offers comprehensive international Internship Programs with the highest quality of service. The internship program is a link between academic studies and work experience. A professional internship program can be paid or unpaid, as the main aim is for the intern to achieve their career objectives. We offer internship programs in almost all academic disciplines. Internships offer highly structured workplace training, benefiting undeveloped professionals and host organisations.

JobLink Internships programs offer innovative work experience focused on providing interns ‘with hands-on’ training through real-world experience. JobLink Internships individually selects suitable host companies for each and every applicant. Each program is negotiated on a case-by-case basis to ensure that it is tailor matched to candidates - their educational background and professional objectives.


Also, hosting an intern can be a mutually beneficial experience for both the company and the intern. The company can provide the intern with real-world work experience, mentorship, and networking opportunities while benefiting from the intern's fresh perspective, enthusiasm, and skillset. They can also provide a pipeline of potential future hires for the company.

Internship Types

The Internships can be paid or unpaid, varying from a few weeks to several months. They may be part-time or full-time and can be completed during the academic year or over the summer. Organisations, including corporations, non-profits, government agencies, and educational institutions, can offer internships. Some internships are highly competitive and may require a rigorous application process.

For Interns

What makes JobLink Internships different?

With a JobLink Professional internship, you will benefit from the following:
An experienced placement team that works closely with participants to ensure industry internships are tailored to meet specific career goals and achieve practical learning outcomes – we have a 100% success rate of placing our interns in placements relating to their field of study.
One-on-one career planning sessions and internship interview preparation with a dedicated placement coordinator.
Either a full-time or part-time placement, dependent on which program you have enrolled in, to ensure you maximise your learning outcomes and provides the best opportunity to network with potential employers.
Being monitored of your internship from day one and receive comprehensive feedback on your workplace performance.
We don’t just offer quality internship placements; We provide a comprehensive Internship program including:



Pre-placement training


Career pathway


Visa Guidance







At JobLink International, we assist with organising and arranging temporary activity visas and work with candidates to get complete work rights in Australia. We are also here to help you transition to living and working in Australia.
At JobLink International, we provide additional services such as:

Airport pickups


Accommodation (including homestays)


Identification cards


Bank account assistance


Mobile phone help and


Taxation support

JobLink International has a strong reputation for developing and implementing innovative and creative internship programs and forging solid relationships with industry leaders and Australian organisations, including corporations, non-profits, government agencies, and educational and educational partners in Australia and overseas.

The internship placement process

We work with you to develop your soft skills and polish your CV, which is matched to available internship opportunities within our network of industry partners.

Here’s how it works:
An Internship Placement Coordinator will interview you to discuss your career goals and provide interview and CV feedback.
The Internship Placement Coordinator will schedule several interviews matched to available internship opportunities.
You will attend interviews in a real-world interview selection process to ensure you are a good fit for the organisation.
An internship agreement and training plan – which includes key dates, roles, and responsibilities – will be discussed with you to ensure your expectations and that of the host company are clear and documented.
Your dedicated Internship Placement Coordinator will monitor your progress throughout the internship, including a formal mid-internship review.
At the end of the internship, you must complete and submit your internship training plan to your dedicated Internship Placement Coordinator. Once finalised, congratulations, you will have finished your internship.
Please note: There is no guarantee that your host company will officially offer employment after completing the internship.

Once you have graduated, remember that you are always welcome to continue contacting our team for ongoing career assistance.

To learn more about JobLink International Professional internship programs, enquire now.

For Hosts Companies

Internships can provide several benefits to host companies, including:

Access to fresh talent:

Interns are often students or recent graduates who bring new ideas, skills, and perspectives to the company. They can also provide a pipeline of potential future hires for the company.

Increased productivity

Interns can help to increase productivity by taking on tasks that may otherwise go uncompleted. This can free up full-time employees to focus on more complex or strategic work.

Brand awareness

Hosting interns can help to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. Interns can help to promote the company on social media or through word-of-mouth.

Diversity and inclusion

Internships can help to promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace by providing opportunities for students from different backgrounds and experiences to gain work experience.
Overall, internships can be a win-win situation for both the host company and the intern. The company can benefit from access to new talent and a cost-effective workforce, while the intern can gain valuable work experience and develop new skills.

What is required of your organisation?

JobLink International manages the placement of interns who will positively contribute to your workplace. All your business requires is a safe work and training environment and an assigned mentor who will provide them with relevant work based on the agreed training plan.

How to host an intern?

Sourcing an intern through JobLink International is straightforward. We work with you to develop a customised work plan and provide a shortlist of candidates for you to interview.

How it works

A JobLink representative will visit your organisation to discuss the internship process.
With your assistance, we will assemble an internship agreement that includes key dates, roles and responsibilities of all involved parties.
A JobLink internship placement coordinator will review the resumes of potential interns and provide you with a short list of candidates.
Your organisation interviews the candidates and selects an intern.
The candidate starts their internship with your organisation in accordance with the internship agreement and training plan.
JobLink’s internship placement coordinators will monitor the intern’s progress and provide you and the intern with any support needed.
At the end of the internship, your internship placement coordinators will obtain a full debrief, finalise the training program with your company and check in to see if we can further assist.
There is no expectation that your organisation will hire the intern, and as a hosting company, you provide engaging work that the intern can complete remotely and with regular supervision.

How can I find out more about JobLink internships?

Contact us to discuss industry engagement opportunities for your organisation and discover how an intern can benefit your workplace by emailing or filling in an enquiry form.

JobLink International offers internship placement services and industry engagement opportunities in all Australian States.

To know more about JobLink International internship programs as a host employer, enquire now.

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