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Professional Study Tours

Your gateway to Australia’s leading education training programs and tours.

Make JobLink International your partner for your professional study tours!

Australia is a unique and diverse country in every way – in culture, population, climate, geography and history. Let JobLink guide you in sampling what Australia offers, from its sights to outstanding industry educational opportunities.

JOBLINK PROFESSIONAL STUDY TOURS are for all groups and individuals interested in combining educational and practical activities with the opportunity to experience all Australia offers.

Our experienced and friendly staff look forward to helping you plan a tailored study tour to suit your group’s unique needs, travel requirements, time and budget.

Design a tour program to suit your needs professional study tours in

Business, Human Resources, Science

Management, Pilots, Marketing, Engineering

Marine, Legal, Media, Nursing

Finance, Medicine, Hotel

Includes daily practical activities, plenty of sightseeing, memorable cultural experiences and relaxation time.
We’d love to educate your students, transform your workforce, and improve your industry knowledge through expert-led training and rewarding experiences in Australia.
Arrange your professional study tour TODAY.
Email: enquiries@joblinkinternational.com.au

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Professional Study Tours