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Support Worker Needed

Employment Opportunity

Aged Care, Disability and Home Care Support Worker Needed
JobLink International seeks employees to work as Support Workers (Caregivers) in Australia.

The Program

JobLink International is seeking qualified Aged Care, Disability and Home Support Workers to work for Aged Care, Disability, Home and Community Care organisations in Australia under temporary skills shortage (TSS) program.

Our client

JobLink International is an exclusive recruitment agency for Care Services Australia Limited. Also, we have a recruitment agency agreement with two (2) of Australia’s leading disability and aged care providers.

Job Description

Support Worker Duties:

Providing companionship and support during daily activities.
Transporting clients to appointments, outings and social engagements.
Implementing strategies for managing dementia and other health issues.
Delivering activities that promote emotional and intellectual stimulation.
Implementing care programs for clients in residential care facilities.
Maintaining a safe living environment by minimising or removing safety risks or hazards.
Performing household tasks such as preparing meals, laundry, shopping and cleaning.
Using equipment to assist clients with limited mobility, such a hoist, swivel cushions and wheelchairs.
Liaising with other health care professionals, family members and carers.
Assisting clients with personal care activities.

Overall, Australia is a great place to work and live, offering a solid economy, work-life balance, a beautiful environment, a multicultural society, excellent healthcare and education, and opportunities for travel and adventure.

Australian Skill Shortage

A 2022 Australian government-commissioned report into the Australian workforce revealed a significant skills shortage affecting the country. The number of occupations suffering from the skills shortage has almost doubled since 2021, with some roles having thousands of unfilled vacancies. Although the current figures create a new challenge for the Australian Government, this issue of skills shortages has been a feature of Australian life for several years. It looks set to continue in the future.

The Australian government is looking at how this latest skills gap can be addressed, including making possible changes to immigration policies. This blog explores what issues exist and how skills shortages mean more immigrants may have the opportunity to move to Australia.

Australia wants workers from various industries, especially health, education, infrastructure, ICT and technology, to make the intelligent move Down Under. With the Australian Government fast-tracking visa applications from people outside the country, now is the time to turn your Aussie dream into reality.

A skill shortage is sweeping the nation as Australian businesses need to be more staff. The “Australian Financial Review” has calculated that as much as 85% of all Australian companies report staffing shortages. In a similar article, “The Guardian” has announced a vacancy rate of 20.3% regardless of industry. Whilst this is bad for Australian businesses, this is an opportunity for you to be the missing puzzle piece in a business’s success!

This leaves our businesses vulnerable to failing and our economy suffering; no one wants that.

Job Requirements

Eligibility Criteria for the Support Worker Program

Australia is the land of opportunities to build mateship, raise a family, or even explore! But have you ever considered working here whilst soaking up the sun? Or building a new life surrounded by new and exciting experiences?

Qualification Requirement

Any Support worker employed to offer care services to aged care consumers or/ and disability participants must complete CHC22015 - Certificate II in Community Services, plus CHCSS00131 Skill Set - Individual Support Home and Community (Ageing) and CHCSS00132 Skill Set - Individual Support Home and Community (Disability).

These requirements are required according to:

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Aged Care Workforce Industry Council

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards

Care Services Australia

JobLink International will arrange for your training to commence with a preferred Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Work Experience Requirement

The candidate has worked in the healthcare industry for at least a minimum of two (2) years.
Candidate has healthcare industry experience within the past six (6) months.
The candidate worked in the same role for the last (1) year.

English-level Language Requirement

Candidate possesses authenticated IELTS certification (or a similar equivalent), validating that their overall score is an overall band score (General Stream) of at least 5.0 with a score of at least 4.5 in each test component or similar equivalent English language test.

Visa Requirements

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has four (4) requirements for a 482 visa:
You must have Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Certificate II or III.
You must have ANZSCO Skill Level 4 (Occupations at Skill Level 4 have a skill level commensurate with AQF Certificate II or III.
At least one year of relevant experience may substitute for the above formal qualifications.
Candidate possesses authenticated IELTS certification (or a similar equivalent), validating that their overall score is an overall band score (General Stream) of at least 5.0 with a score of at least 4.5 in each test component or similar equivalent English language test.

Remuneration (Salary)

Starting salary package from AUD$65,195 per annum, made up of AUD$59,000 base salary plus AUD$6,195.
You will work 7.6 hours a day for 38 hours per week.
You will have the opportunity to work overtime with extra income.

Terms of Employment

This is a full-time position.
Two (2) years employment contract.
The employment contract will indicate the terms and conditions of the role based on the existing workplace rights and obligations.
Confirmation of this position is subject to a successful three (3) month probation period.
Subclass 482 (Temporary Skills Shortage) visa.
The nominating organisations may determine the visa subclass according to their requirement.
Job Placement may be situated within regional and remote locations in Australia.

How to apply

If you believe you would be an eligible candidate for this program based on the criteria specified, please submit your Expression of Interest below.

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